Page: Hospitality and Beverage Consulting 

Chenin Noir assists corporate and private clients to establish luxury experiences for key stakeholders and clients. The end to end experiential approach helps bring to life excellent brand interaction and experiences. Chenin also assists with a strategy for clients to ensure they manage relationships efficiently.

Chenin Noir aims to assist Owners and Operators build profitable, functional and efficient establishments from the ground up. We also help established Operations redevelop by assisting them deep dive into their organisational operations and help them re-emerge into efficient and innovative businesses ready to play a competitive role in the industry.

Our Offering

  • Consulting Services: Opening team support, Recruitment support of the opening team, Venue set up advice based on F&B flow 
  • Menu and recipe development 
  • Beverage Consulting Services
  • Sommelier Services
  • Staff training

Private Home Services 

Chenin Noir offers private tailor-made solutions to its private clients. Our Clients have daily Executive Duties, and Chenin @Home aims to make their home lives seamless from the kitchen to the operations in the home.

Chenin @Home provides a tailored service that is guided by our clients. As our client, we structure weekly menus to allow you to attain all your desired goals.


How we work: 


We make initial contact with you to discuss what you’re looking for a private chef services.

  • STEP 2: COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION AND ONBOARDING: Our Private Chef will meet with you on the scheduled day and time to conduct a complimentary consultation and client onboarding where we discuss your general requirements and expectations of your private chef, food and cuisine preferences, general meal frequency, major dietary considerations or challenge
  • STEP 3: EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT DEVELOPMENT: We will co-develop a contract by starting with a basic contract template covering many of the items discussed in the client assessment as well as any other key points that arise.
  • STEP 4: SERVICE STARTS: Your Chef will arrive at your home prepared in uniform and with any other relevant materials to ensure a successful first meal presentation.