Our Service Philosophy

It’s not just about being able to find great locations and recommend great beverage options; it’s about creating a long-lasting experience with clients and stakeholders vital to you, makes the difference with how clients and stakeholder ¬†associate with your brand.

Chenin Hospitality and beverage Consulting

Chenin Noir assists corporate and private clients to establish luxury experiences for key stakeholders and clients. The end to end experiential approach helps bring to life excellent brand interaction and experiences. Chenin also assists with a strategy for clients to ensure they manage relationships efficiently.

Chenin @ Home

Our at Private Home service gives clients a cheffing solution for clients @home. We couple this with specialised beverage solutions for @home wine cellars and or bars


With over sixteen years experience and knowledge in the Hospitality Industry, Xolani Mancotywa is a qualified chef and culinary artist with a passion for reimagining traditional African cuisine into fine dining. Through his brand, he brings about thought leadership, knowledge transfer and reinventing of the African cuisine.