Xolani Mancotywa

Founder and Creative Director of Chenin Noir

Yasmine Kazadi

Operations Manager Of Chenin Noir

After completing his BCom in Accounting and Economics at Wits University, Xolani followed his passion for hospitality. A certified Sommelier from the Court of Master Sommeliers and Qualified Chef, Xolani is a culinary artist with a passion for reimagining traditional African cuisine into fine dining.


Xolani Mancotywa is one of the very few recipients of the coveted Best Young Sommelier Award, which he obtained in 2013. With international exposure, Xolani has travelled and worked extensively in exotic locations such as the UAE and the Maldives and has absorbed international pallets and culture.


Having started as a waiter in Durban, Xolani has over sixteen years’ experience and knowledge in the Hospitality Industry, Xolani has his drive rooted in transforming the industry, customer experience and positioning Africa for its exceptional dining capabilities.

Yasmine Kazadi has over seven years’ experience and knowledge in Corporate Operations and Project management. Her drive is rooted in providing creative and strategic insight into new market initiatives.


Her forte lies in developing process and systems for organisations and actionable plans that provide insight into the desired outcomes of organisations, particularly for SMEs and ESD developmental strategies.